Week 2- The journey unfolds

Actually its more like week 3 by now. So what have I learnt so far on my journey. Well firstly there is no such thing as a stupid question, we all have them, nothing wrong with that. One of the most interesting things I have learnt this last week was about filter bubbles, it puts things into perspective and clearly explains why people get very different results when they all search for the same thing. Fascinating !!!!!

On our group chat last week we realised we are from very diverse backgrounds, not just in terms of what we do but also how we lecture. Several of the group only lecture online, others do contact and online and some, like myself, are at present only involved in contact lectures. It really does make for diverse conversations and ideas as we navigate this space together.

We are continuing to explore digital literacies this week, so let the learning journey continue.

The photo below is of the Long Room in the library at Dublin University. It is one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen and was featured in the Harry Potter films. As we march into digital libraries and collections, libraries like this will pass into history. Quite sad really.



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