Topic 4 Design for online & blended learning


This topic is all about learning design. In principal for online and blending learning there are 2 models that we are analysing, so as I continue my journey, which route do we choose.

Well before I get started, lets just chat about my wonderful trip last week. I traveled by train from Pretoria to Cape Town, it was an eventful journey to say the least, with many unplanned stops along the way. Shortly after leaving Pretoria we encountered an enormous thunderstorm which caused flooding and electrical outages. We stopped firstly because of a lightening strike on the electrical cables and secondly because of flooding on the train track. Nonetheless, 4 hours later,  we eventually got on our way, happily fortified by magnificent South African wine. The following morning we were stuck again, this time due to THEFT of electrical cables. As we told the foreign visitors on the train, TIA, “This is Africa”, we are used to it !!!!!!!! We arrived safely in Cape Town on Friday evening, marveling over the beautiful countryside we had traveled through.

So why am I talking about my trip. Well it got me thinking, trains like all other modes of travel, don’t always run smoothly, but the most important thing is that you eventually get to your destination. It is a bit like this online journey. It is challenging, exciting, does not always go the way you expect it and sometimes frustrating, but we WILL get there eventually !!!!!!!

So topic 4 is all about learning design and we are considering 1 of 2 models for our chosen topic. Firstly there is the ADDIE model incorporating: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation & Evaluate or there is Gilly Salmon’s Five stage Process which includes: Access & motivation, Team Building, Information Exchange, Knowledge construction & Review. As a team we need to make a choice.

This journey is nearing its end, but I’m still enjoying the ride !!!!!!!




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