Topic 5 The end of the journey …. or is it the beginning of another

The PBL162 journey is coming to and end, but its really just the start of the exploration into the online digital learning world. We came, we saw, we conquered PBL162 and we are ready to learn and develop more in 2017.

I have learnt about moodle, MOOCS, Creative Commons, Addie, Sway, doodle, padlets and more. I am not an expert (yet) but the foot is in the door, I need to take a few more steps over the threshold to learn much much more………

Based on our webinar today, I do agree that possibly time was tight and it was crazy. I do think we could have spent less time on topic 1 (2 weeks maximum) and topic 4 which was quite tricky could have had a bit more time. I will include this in my feedback. Less topics, I don’t think so.

I now need to explore some of the tools I can use in the classroom. My course is still very much face to face but I am certainly going to embrace some of the skills learnt into my classes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have enjoyed writing this Blog as I love to write so I am definitely going to start a Blog for my post-graduate students next year. Lets hope I don’t bore them to death, because sometimes Advanced Financial Accounting is NOT the most exciting subject to be blogging about !!!!!!!!!

I am flying to London tomorrow so you may be wondering why I have a photo of the Statue of Liberty in this blog, well its more about FREEDOM & SUCCESS that we survived ONL162..

All the best to the entire ONL162 community and hope to see you again in 2017




One thought on “Topic 5 The end of the journey …. or is it the beginning of another

  1. It has been wonderful to venture into the world of open network learning with you Shan, and realise the endless possibilities it presents to enhance our teaching. Great to see your willingness to embrace the world of blended learning.


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